Functional Medicine Health Coaching

Coaching is a support system, ongoing for a period of time, while you're adopting healthier lifestyle habits that work for you and your life.

I'm here to support you, hold you accountable, and if and when old habits or beliefs temporarily stear you off course from your goals, help you figure things out, so that you can get back on track in a meaningful way.

Oftentimes, there are opportunities to reflect and refocus on your healing journey. And it's natural to have setbacks, sometimes taking two steps forward and one step back. Through the process though, new habit, beliefs and patterns form.

Welcome to the coaching partnership, I look forward to meeting you.

Coaching Services

Q & A

I offer a complimentary 15-30 minute chat, to answer any coaching questions you may have.


Coaching sessions are available online through a secure video telehealth platform, and/or over the phone.

Sessions are offered in 30, 60 and 90 minute lengths of time.

Frequency of sessions depends on your needs. Most clients like meeting every week or two.


To begin working with me, you must purchase a package of sessions. The idea is that we begin this journey of working on habits and exploring healthier options for you, and this is a process that takes time. Everyone is in a unique place, and has their own set of goals they are working on. We start where you are at, and work from there.

I offer coaching sessions in packages of 4, 8 or 12. This is for your convenience, as they are all the same rates, at differing quantities.


Before our first session, there is paperwork for you to fill out. I provide an encrypted and secure email service, so all shared information and communications are protected, without any need for a password.


I coach independently, through physician referrals, and in collaboration with partnering physicians.

Please inquire for rates, specifying if you are seeking coaching independently or through your physician.


Most payments are made directly to Sacred Thriving. The exception is with some partnering physicians I collaborate with, in which case you pay your doctor's office directly.

Payments are due prior to coaching sessions, and can be made online or by mailing a check. I provide invoicing before we begin.


"I can't say enough positive things about Monica Pealer! Her coaching has helped me in so many ways. She approached my challenges with excitement and enthusiasm, as well as great warmth and caring. Monica used different tools for each issue I faced, which kept our sessions refreshing and interesting. Thanks to Monica I've had breakthroughs in overcoming lifelong personal challenges and feel hopeful moving forward. Family members were in disbelief at the progress I made as a result of our coaching sessions! I also need to add that Monica was very gracious and understanding when I let her know if a suggestion didn't feel right for me. I felt like she was 100% committed to helping me succeed."


"Monica has the ability to immediately put you at ease with her open, trusting and caring way. I was able to share very personal stories with Monica, and I never felt judged. My overall goal was to broaden and build and to really step outside of my comfort zone. Stress and anxiety had been a friend for too long, and it was impacting my life in negative ways. Monica compassionately listened to my concerns, and together we put a plan in place. She made me excited about reaching my goals, and while I’d take one step forward, and two steps back, Monica was open to the process, and kept things positive and on track. We covered so much in a very short period of time, and each week I was off and running and exploring after we had put some goals in place. It was a very creative process! I am so grateful to have met Monica. She is a positive light for change, growth and transformation. In the end, I achieved all of the goals we set forth and more."


"If you judge the character, you can't play it."

Alan Rickman

Disclaimer: I do not practice medicine, diagnose or treat any disease or health condition.  My focus is to support and guide you, assisting you in making healthier diet and lifestyle choices, which can naturally lead to enhanced physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.  Before coaching sessions can occur, the client must sign a waiver and a release of liability form.