Monica Pealer

I’m a Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach, and inspired by the change process.  Driven to overcome a debilitating stress disorder, self-transformation work became a very necessary part of my life.  My chronic stress had led to inflammation, food sensitivities and habitual overwhelm.  Stressing had been my dominant habit, and for a very long time, I made decisions that created continuing stress, regardless of what was actually happening around me.

My journey was frustrating, and oftentimes really lonely as well.   Personal struggles can definitely be that way.  Eventually, with loving support from my husband, I stumbled onto a recovery path, one that I’m still taking.  My life is beautifully imperfect, and I’m ok with that.

I consciously work on choosing thoughts, feelings, and intentions of a healthier and happier state of mind, and I find that my lifestyle habits keep shifting and improving, as a natural progression of this inner work.  Along my path, it has become a privilege to support and encourage others that are struggling with the health challenges life has brought them as well.

It seems to me, that our modern world never stops running and rushing… but my inner world can stay relatively calm, and I know how to recenter myself when I get off kilter.  That is huge for someone with a chronic stress disorder.

So as coaching sessions with me go, they may offer you a nurturing type of solitude and introspection, to think and regroup, about what you want to see for yourself, and how you will get there.  I’m happy to listen and help you reflect.  My style is to be of support to you, in your figuring out how to accomplish the changes you want to make for yourself.

I live in the mountains, and have loved nature all of my life.  Sensitive to energies, young at heart, with an old soul, I’m in awe of life, of it’s endless expressions, and of the unique life each one of us lives.  I love helping people empower themselves and grow.

I think humans are amazing beings, as we all get to have these amazing, though not always happy, life experiences, and keep expanding through it all.  I have found that, by shifting our thoughts and feelings, with focus, the power of our minds and hearts can draw us toward a happier, more fulfilled, and healthier self.

"Hope is the thing with feathers that perches in the soul, and sings the tune without words, and never stops at all."

Emily Dickinson

and the 16 personalities

You probably have heard of the Myers-Briggs Test, and may have taken it sometime in your past.  Do you remember which personality type you are?  Have you discovered how this information could be meaningful and helpful to you?

In the Myers-Briggs test, there are 4 preference combinations distinguished within 16 personality types.  Your answers about 4 possible ways of living and interacting in the world create a unique combination.  Here are the 4 preferences:

1) Preferring to focus on the outer world, or your own inner world

2) Preferring to focus on the basic information you take in, or preferring to interpret or add meaning to it

3) When making decisions, preferring to look at logic and consistency, or to first look at the people and special circumstances

4) When dealing with the outside world, preferring to get things decided, or preferring to stay open to new information and options

Each personality type is expressed as a code with 4 letters.  And each one of these personality types interacts with the world in a unique way.  Relationships can be one of the most empowering aspects of being alive.  Adding a unique depth of understanding, of yourself, and those in your life, is the aim of the Myers-Briggs Test.


the via survey

The VIA is a free survey, which assesses the approximate order of your character strengths. From strongest to least used, the VIA shares a positive perspective on how we can flourish.

Our character strengths can be expressed in endless combinations.  Even though they are our strengths, there is a balance to using them towards positive outcomes.  For example, we can overuse them, as a way to adapt, or we can bury them beneath the rush of life, and they become dormant.  Because they are our strengths, mostly we use them to uplift ourselves. They are meant to help us express ourselves in energizing and authentic ways.

Building self-awareness of how we use our character strengths can empower and create momentum towards our health and well-being goals.  My clients are encouraged to take the VIA, so that we may explore their strengths, and bring clarity to using them more meaningfully, and more intentionally.

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