Nourish Your Health and

It’s up to you, to make choices that support yourself in feeling better.  It’s your life, your habits, your thoughts.

I offer support through functional medicine health coaching.

I’m here to help you clarify what’s most important in your life, rekindle inner motivation, and be inspired for a healthier self.

It comes from inside you, and always has.

Health Coaching Support For You

Have you ever felt stuck, hoping to improve your health and well-being, but finding yourself not knowing how to make changes?

You may know what direction you want to head, but you find yourself holding back.  You feel resistant and undecided.

Or maybe you can’t imagine yourself as that person you want to become.  You don’t identify yourself as strong, healthy, energetic and happy.  You just don’t think that could ever be you.


The change process can be complicated.  We want to change, and then we find ourselves stuck. The attempts to transform ourselves can elude us for years, continually staying out of reach. Is change even possible?

Yes, it is!

People can change.  And people can improve their health and happiness.  It’s more in our hands than we may want to acknowledge.


In the functional medicine coaching approach, we focus on:  nutrition, exercise, sleep, stress-reduction, and social support.

In coaching sessions we orient everything to: your life, your challenges, your dreams.  We focus completely on you.  Your unique story.  What you want.

It can be effective, life transforming work!


Explore food and lifestyle choices:  Empower your life and feed your soul.


Give sleep and relaxation your mindful focus:  Prioritize rejuvenation and peace.


Movement, clarity and friendship:  Recharge your body, mind and emotions.

Guided Visualizations and
The Emotional Freedom Technique

If you're stuck in your current habits or beliefs, I offer support specifically designed to help let go of old patterns, so that there can be more successful movement forward in creating new habits:

With guided visualizations, it's suggested to your subconscious to release old patterns, and see yourself empowering new habits in their place. This type of meditation can inspire healthy lifestyle changes more effortlessly into one's life.

With the emotional freedom technique (EFT), thoughts, stories and emotions are energetically encouraged towards the habit changes you would like to make. EFT is meant to support a shift in your frequency and vibrational field. As that happens, it becomes easier to release patterns that tend to play over and over again. This supports freeing up one's energy, so that they can focus more in alignment with their current health and well-being goals.

My style of visualizations and EFT work often incorporates asking the light for healing energy; I directly ask for help from the archangels and from source. I believe that there is loving consciousness waiting to be of assistance, and that these beings of light are happy to help us. In my experience, archangels can assist in releasing old habits in miraculous ways, and I find that I call on them quite regularly during visualizations and EFT work.

Disclaimer: These services are offered with no claims, no promises, nor any guarantees, of anything. This work is what you make of it, and all experiences are entirely your responsibility. As a health coach, I offer support to you on your journey, and my intentions in these mentioned modalities, are to be a guide and facilitator.

Coaching Sessions

Consider new paths, new habits.  What are you dreaming of?

Imagine feeling healthier and stronger.  What would that look like?

Cherish your uniqueness.  Dream your dreams.  Be courageous.

Learn new habits.  Align with heart and mind, positive thoughts, and character strengths.

Get support, in the direction of a healthier and happier you.

"The curious paradox is that when I accept myself just as I am, then I can change."

Carl R. Rogers

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